Saturday, April 04, 2009

SI's Fifty Years of Great Writing

SI's Fifty Years of Great Writing

The Players
The Boxer and the Blonde by Frank Deford
Yogi by Roy Blount Jr.
The Last Angry Men by Rick Telander
The Year, The Moment and Johnny Podres by Robert Creamer
Gifts That God Didn’t Give by John Papanek
All the Rage by Richard Hoffer
The Ring Leader by Frank Deford

Main Events
“Lawdy, Lawdy, He’s Great” by Mark Kram
There’s Never Been An Open Like It by Dan Jenkins
The Day Bobby Hit the Home Run by Roger Kahn
A Pay Night for Old Archie by Budd Schulberg

Sweet Spots
Finally, We Were Left Alone, Just Me And My Bike by Thomas McGuane
A Personalized History Of Scottish Golf Or You’ll Not Do That Here, Laddie by Dan Jenkins
The Univesrity of Eighth Avenue and Part II by A. J. Liebling
Sons of the Wind by Kenny Moore
Road Swing by Steve Rushin

Wild Kingdom
Mirror of My Mood by Bil Gilbert
Snakes Alive! by Jeff MacGregor
Pure Heart by William Nack
Grim Reapers of the Land’s Bounty by Jim Harrison
We Are Destroying Our National Parks by Wallace Stegner

Supporting Players
“There Ain’t No Others Like Me” by Mark Kram
Master of the Joyful Illusion by William Barry Furlong
The Coach and His Champion by Alexander Wolff
“I Managed Good, But Boy Did They Play Bad” by Gilbert Rogin
Baseball’s Babbling Brook by Huston Horn

Playing for Laughs
Hype (Absolutely, Positively the Greatest Article Ever Written!) by Bruce Newman
‘Ring Tossed by Steve Rushin
We All Had a Ball by Roy Blount Jr.
The Curious Case of Sidd Finch by George Plimpton
Lake Wobegon Games by Garrison Keillor
Worst Baseball Team Ever by Jimmy Breslin
On the Winter Tour by Herbert Warren Wind

Personal Fouls
The Case Against Brian Spencer by Pete Dexter
Total Loss Weekend by Don DeLillo
This Is the Game of the Name by Franz Lidz
Crime and Punishment by Gary Smith
Broken Promise by S.L. Price
O Unlucky Man by William Nack

Music to the Ear
King of the Sports Page by Rick Reilly
Then My Arm Glassed Up by John Steinbeck
Heavyweight Championship Of The Word by Jeff MacGregor
Would You Let This Man Interview You? by Myron Cope
The Big Wind in Chicago by Ron Fimrite
Kentucky: May: Saturday by William Faulkner

Examined Lives
Farewell, Teddy Ballgame by Leigh Montville
The Ripples From Little Lake Nellie by Gary Smith
The Best Years of His Life by John Ed Bradley
He’s Burning to Be a Success by John Underwood
Laughing on the Outside by John Schulian
The Best There Ever Was by Frank Deford